1. Easy And Delicious Chicken Recipes

    If you are looking for an easy dinner that is healthy and delicious, chicken is a great option. Not only does chicken offer many different health benefits, including keeping bones healthy, building muscle, boosting immunity, and more, but it also is easy to use in just about any recipe. Chicken is a lean meat with a taste that is not overwhelming and can be improved with different spices and marin…Read More

  2. Peruvian Dishes To Try

    Peruvian cuisine is full of rich flavors, traditional ingredients, and unique dishes. With Spanish and Chinese influences, the Peruvian cuisine is unique and simply delicious. And just like many different places around the world, there are Peruvian dishes that stand out and are a must-try when visiting the beautiful country. If you are traveling to Peru in the near future, or you simply love readi…Read More

  3. A Unique Catering Option

    When there is catering at an event, whether you are hosting or a guest, they are limited choices in catering options. There are the typical catering options: party platter subs, build-your-own burrito Mexican catering, a large variety of finger foods, and the classic fried chicken. Ordering a ton of pizza could even be considered catering in some situations, but there is nothing special about thes…Read More

  4. What to Do With Your Peruvian Chicken Leftovers

    For years it has been a tradition in your family to go out to dinner on a Tuesday night—bond, tell stories, eat delicious food, and have your leftovers for dinner the next night. You have attempted to go to a new restaurant each time you go out and try new foods and flavors, getting new experiences, and finding new favorites. But there is one place that will always be on the top of your family Read More

  5. The FireBrick Experience

    Whether you are looking for comfort food, a new and exotic flavor, or something different from the rest of the food experiences you’ve had, FireBrick Chicken can help! We have brought the craft of rotisserie cooked chicken with a Peruvian flair back to the states to share with all of our customers. Here are a few of the things you will find here at FireBrick Chicken that you won’t want to miss…Read More

  6. Celebrating 3 Years

    At FireBrick Chicken, our first priority is to bring something to the table that is more than delicious, but unique as well! Our fire-roasted chicken is cooked rotisserie style and marinated in spices to create a full flavor profile. This fall marks three years of us proudly serving the Ashburn area with our Peruvian flair. And on November 5, we want to show our appreciation for all our customers …Read More

  7. Health Benefits of Chicken

    While chicken is commonly associated with wings or the friend of the Thanksgiving turkey, there’s much more that it offers. In fact, chicken is known to help with health in multiple ways, as well as being a wonderful option to break from beef or fish. Let’s take a look at what chicken has to offer, and why you should probably consider adding a bit more to your diet. Protein Chicken is one of t…Read More

  8. Welcome To FireBrick Chicken

    Welcome to FireBrick Chicken, home of Pollo a la Brasa. If you like chicken, then you will love the rotisserie Peruvian chicken at FireBrick Chicken in Ashburn. We offer authentic Peruvian cuisine and are best known for our rotisserie chickens. However chicken isn’t the only thing that we serve. We also offer seafood dishes, beef dishes, burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches, and salads. Create your…Read More